Pricing 2020 Vintage Offer

To celebrate the launch of GAIA, we’re offering one year of crop health monitoring for only $40/ha*
if you sign up before 31 May 2020.

Make the most of GAIA’s insights during the 2020 Vintage.
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Scientific Vineyard
Analysis and Insights

GAIA reveals vigour variability across your vineyard, helping you make better strategic decisions to manage your crop.

  • Gain access to high-resolution crop health insights from day 1.
  • Easily monitor vineyard changes across seasons from anywhere.**
  • Understand how you can apply resources more effectively — reduce input costs and increase your bottom line.
    **internet access required

Standard Subscription Pricing

2020 Vintage Offer $40/ha/yr*

Annual Subscription $60/ha/yr†

*Total price for 12 months is $44/ha (inc GST) if you subscribe before 31 May 2020.

†Total price for 12 months is usually $66/ha (inc GST).

Monthly Subscription $5/ha^

^Total price per month is $5.50 (inc GST).

Volume Subscription Pricing

Want to monitor all of your vineyards in a region with GAIA?

As a thank you for your commitment, we’re excited to offer you with volume discount pricing.

Contact us at and we’ll help you get started.

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Mark McDonnell, associate professor at UniSA
In comparison with quantification of accuracy I have observed in other similar projects, I have been highly impressed by the accuracy with which Consilium Technology’s GAIA product can detect vineyard blocks, even when growth is sparse or when vinerows are covered. — Assoc. Prof. Mark McDonnell, UniSA

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